EZ “Convivial” Yixing Redware ZiSha Porcelain Chinese Teapot Tea Set 1 Tea Pot 1 Tea Tin 4 Tea Cups and 1 Storage Bag - B09PL5R9Y2M



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  • 【Quality】Each piece is handmade by experienced porcelain master and has gone through 72 steps of tradition porcelain making – from clay selection, slipcasting, high temperature kiln firings to final fettling to ensure the texture, color and tint conform to the traditional standard. Every set has been individually inspected to ensure quality. You can rest assured you will receive the products exactly as they are shown in the pictures

  • 【Craftsmanship】 The tea set is made of YiXing red clay, which has been used for making teapot since the 10th century in the Song Dynasty in China. YiXing teapot is highly treasured because its unglazed surface absorbs traces of the tea it contains to produce a complex aroma which brings out the best flavor of the tea. Therefore the teapot should never be washed with detergent but rather with water only.

  • 【Elegance】The tea set comprises one tea pot, four tea cups, one tea towel, one tea storage container and a storage bag. The elegant look of the teapot set makes ideal choice as your home or office décor display, as a gift that carries a luxury trace, or just simply for drinking tea

  • 【They Are Small】Teapot: L12cm, H 7.7cm 130ml; Teacup: L 5.5cm H3cm 25ml; Tea Tin: L5.7cm H11.3cm 200ml, Please DO NOT BUY this tea set if you are expecting a large teapot / tea cups of size similar to the western teapot or large tea pot you see at a Chinese restaurant. Conventional Chinese tea set is small and is the most widely used serving size at home no matter in the past or today. Please refer to the “product description” below on “Why Chinese teapots typically are small” for details

  • Product description

    【Why Chinese Teapots typically are Small?】 Traditional classic Chinese teapots typically hold 150-300ml (6-10oz) of water, which is very different from the western teapot or the large tea pot of size you see at a Chinese restaurant (the more water the teapot on the table could hold, the less staff would need to refill). There are few good reasons they are designed as that: 1. 【For brewing multiple infusions】For maximum flavor, the way to brew Chinese tea is to add small serving of tea leaves, use hot water of temperature around 80-90 degree Celsius and for 15-30 seconds in each steep. The tea leaves are to re-use 6-10 infusions before they are disposed. By brewing it this way, you can enjoy a variation of the taste, the aroma, and the tea strength with each steep. 2. 【For better control】Brewing using small quantities of water ensure better precision in the brew as the water temperature and volume are steeped for immediate consumption 3. 【For socializing】As the tea is brewed in small teapot and served in small teacup, the host will be serving the guests every now and then with another round of freshly brewed tea. This way, apart from holding the group, gives everyone something to do between conversation intervals 4. 【For personal consumption】You may not want to brew a big pot of tea just for yourself Hot water source (from water flask or boiling pot of water) is typically placed by side with the tea set; teapot is refilled with hot water after each serving. Teapot size: L12cm, H 7.7cm 130ml; Teacup size: L 5.5cm H3cm 25ml; Tea Tin size: L5.7cm H11.3cm 200ml

    Legal Disclaimer

    【Why the colour not uniform on the surface】 As the tea set is handmade, though the product will look as the pictures display, each set is not be exactly the same. There will be a slight variation of colour, shading and texture across the surface of an article and among different articles of the set. This also means you will be purchasing a handmade item one of a kind. 【100% Satisfaction Guarantee】Preventing 100% of damages is near impossible when shipping fragile items like ceramics even with good protection. If there’s any damage to the tea set you receive, please just request a replacement through “Your Orders” – Go to Your Orders and select Return or replace items

    EZ “Convivial” Yixing Redware ZiSha Porcelain Chinese Teapot Tea Set 1 Tea Pot 1 Tea Tin 4 Tea Cups and 1 Storage Bag - B09PL5R9Y2M