City to Cottage® Navy Blue Striped Handmade Hand Painted Small 150ml 5oz Ceramic Milk Jug Creamer Pourer - B01NAKUUY8E



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  • ❤️ COMES WITH FREE DOWNLOADABLE RECIPE E-BOOK!!! ❤️ - The perfect touch of sophistication to breakfast or even just tea time. DESIGNED carefully TO POUR milk or cream EASILY WITH NO DRIPS. Holding 150ml of your favourite choice the milk jug can partner up with a navy striped sugar bowl to complete the collection.

  • Add a splash of vibrancy to the kitchen table not just a splash of milk to the tea with our navy striped milk jugs. Enabling the perfect tea to be made no matter the tea drinker. Lots of milk or just a dash? With this ceramic jug you and the family can each pour to your own tastes. No more debates on the strength of the tea or coffee.

  • Every single piece is individually HANDMADE and HAND-PAINTED by caring hands to assure your high quality and luxurious dining experience with your family or friends.

  • Our range are MICROWAVE and DISHWASHER SAFE meaning less time cleaning in the kitchen more time relaxing and having fun.

  • Use this product comfortably in your home knowing using ECO-FRIENDLY products and contributing towards sustainable living – our range are environmentally friendly using solar panels to heat the kiln and safe the forest.

  • Simple but impressive reasons to buy this product:

    Individually handmade and painted milk jug is created and designed with caring hands to ensure you have high quality and individuality.
    Save time on the washing up with this striped milk jug by popping it in the dishwasher, it is dishwasher and microwave safe! Show of your new quirky milk jug to friends by hosting a tea party and having the best milk jug around!
    The vibrant aqua jug with white and navy dark blue striped cover has a smooth, unbroken glossy surface.
    The navy striped milk jug and sugar bowl makes the perfect double act to on any table.
    Whether you use it as a milk pourer for tea or a milk pourer for coffee or just as a creamer this ceramic milk jug is perfect.
    You can call it a mini milk jug, milk jar, milk pitcher, milk pourer or a creamer as there are many names for this small milk jug but no matter what you call it, it will still be a great addition to your morning breakfast or tea break.
    This 150ml/5oz milk jug is perfect whether it be used as a milk jug for one at breakfast or used as a milk jug for tea parties.
    Our navy striped dinnerware family and other navy striped crockeries are unique gifts for all tastes.
    So why not add some navy striped dishes and make it a navy striped kitchen which everyone will love! Maybe place some navy striped dinnerware on the table too.

    City to Cottage® Navy Blue Striped Handmade Hand Painted Small 150ml 5oz Ceramic Milk Jug Creamer Pourer - B01NAKUUY8E